X56 Throttle Issue? Trouble Achieving 5400 Elevation in Tutorials

I’m frustrated and having difficulty finding anyone else having this issue…and I’m unsure if it’s just me somehow or if I need to figure out how to test the throttle for my x56.

It appears to be getting to 100%, but I’m really struggling to achieve the required 5400 elevation in tutorials #5 and #6. My friend went through them easily first try.

I’m out of ideas and wondering if somehow my throttle isn’t actually achieving 100%. Otherwise I don’t get how to do this in the required timeframe without losing all air speed. Thanks in advance!

Check the default assignments for the X56.

Mine for some reason had the right throttle doing mixture so when I advanced the throttles it wasn’t full power.

I changed Prop to RTY 3 and Mixture to RTY 4

I also assigned LH throttle to engines 1&3, RH throttle to engines 2&4, with reverse thrust on a push to hold on the throttle thumb slider - my problems went away

You are my hero! That did the trick, I can’t believe I’d missed that. This is my first flight sim, still learning the ropes.

Thanks again!

Setting the throttles like mine means
Single engine aircraft - you get correct throttle
Twin engine - unclip the connection between the throttles you get correct controls
Four engine (eg 747) you still get some asymetric thrust for ground taxi