X56 throttle to zero switch off the engine

I use a X56 Thottle and if I switch it to “zero throttle”, the engine stops.
Is this realistic behavior? I can’t imagine.
Anyone knows how to solve this? I tried already some deadzone, but that did not work

I have the same problem. I found no solution until now and I am waiting for a problem-fix as well.

Check your bindings. For my X56 the left throttle was bound to throttle the right to mixture. Then it is quite normal if you kill the throttle you also cut of fuel. :slight_smile:
You can also try to unhook your throttles and move them independently if you like to keep it this way.

Check your mappings. If you have a two engine throttle, your mixture is likely mapped to one of your throttles by default so when you bring it to zero your mixture goes to cutoff. Took me a little to realize this was happening. Hope this is it and it helps.

Thanks guys, never used this thing separately. It didn’t even come up in my mind to look at that.
It works thanks.