XB: Gamebreaking bug: Gamepad LT/RT not wroking anymore crrect after changing the reaction settings

After viewing a tutorial video about the Sensitivity setting, I tryied to chagne the Reaction settings for the LT and RT, as it looks, this would make it better to use. So I did change this setting but I didin’t see any effect at all, wich was already weird, as in the video it showed a clear effect. So I reseted the setting for LT/RT to their original values. The problem now is, that the LT and RT don’t work anymore as before this change. When I press LT or RT the ruders are fliping shortly and move than back to neutral position, but i’m still pressing the LT or RT button. With this behaviour I cant use the game anoymore!!!

The change of the Reaction Setting did something seriously wrong and I’m not anymore able to reset that back to the correct behaviour. I have reseted all Setting here for all axis but LT/RT are still broken.

I have also seen, tha the LS X/Y Setting now reset to 3% (LS X) and 15% (LS Y), whenever click hte reset button for this axis. Here also something must be destroyed by the LT/RT reaction settings.

PLEASE HELP!!! I can’t play the game anymore this way without correct working ruders. :weary: