Xbox 360 wireless detection

I’ve been playing the game on and off for a while using a xbox 360 wifi controller + universal receiver connected to my PC. Last night i launched the game and let it update itself as usual. On a gigabit connection i was only getting below 10 Mbits on download so for a 40gb download i had to do something.
Long story short, one of the solutions that i found was to disable saving to cloud and to delete a folder in steam/userdate/12… something… Download speed didn’t improve. Ultimately, speed got better while using a VPN to Europe(i am in Canada). That deleted folder might have kept a config file i was not aware of.

Once the update completed, I launched the game to discover that the controller has different mappings and whatnot. As far as I can remember, the controller had some default settings that worked for me(it could be that i customized 1-2 mappings a long time ago).
Noticed that the controller is not being recognized as “xbox 360” but rather a generic one…

My question to you - should I have “xbox 360” and a pre-configured mapping of the controls or does everyoen have a generic “controller” in their settings?