Xbox account noob - please help identifying gamertag/email

How can I check which xbox account I am using for MSFS? I want to add a new gamertag friend on that account (they don’t play MSFS.) I am new to xbox accounts, MSFS is the first game that I’ve played that required an xbox account. I have added a couple gamertags from the ingame menus previously.

  • I installed through Steam.
  • I have at least one account that i set up and/or logged into during MSFS install.
  • I have an account logged in when I navigate to Start > Xbox.
  • The same account is logged in when I navigate to Start > Xbox Game Bar.
  • The name on that account does not match my MSFS ingame name in the top right of main menu.

Should I expect my xbox gamertag to match the name in top right of ingame menu?
How do I confirm which email address is associated with my gamertag?
Where should I be going to manage my gamertag and contacts list?