Xbox Advertising in MSFS 2020

Hi there, I would think that the version of MSFS 2020 would already be out way before hand on XBox. Why does it come just about a few months sooner then a year?

Because there was a lot of work to be done.

You don’t think they’ve been sitting on finished code for 6 months and just let us wait for the fun of it right?

Think the wait was for dx12.


I was just curious because of the advertisement that’s all I was thinking about…Sorry I didn’t mean it in a bad way

Ow, don’t worry, not taken in a bad way :slight_smile:

But yeh, it was a lot of work to optimize the sim for the consoles.


Hi thanks , What is exactly the DX12 is that the same thing as directx?

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Exactly. DirectX version 12 is already supported by Windows 10, but it’s not yet implemented in the sim.


yeah I figured this too.

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