XBOX Ai pilot issues


This seems to be how the earlier pc version was.

Ai pilot has issues landing often. Forget skipping forward in time as you will never be at the correct alt for the decent. It doesn’t matter if its direct GPS, vif to vof or high alt airways.

A320 si has problems landing often. It will shoot off left more often then center or right.

On some flights the AI will do weird up and down throttling of engines while climbing to cruising. Last notice at about 15,000 feet on route from DFW to Orlando Int.

On the world airliner often tje AI isn’t available. There us also missing options for ai to control the plans at all.

As well as AI loosing control or smaller planes loosing manual control in cursor mode regardless of the settings.

I will hop back on pc to see if it happens as well but tje eradat8c engine changing happened through tje A320 flight to orlando on 4 tries.

The ai has issues landing with cessna’s, a320, b747 and perhaps other aircraft as well. The cessna stalls or nearly stalls in landing path. Sometimes the plane circles aimlessly when near airport. I need to land myself in all cases. Similar to the topic starter I am using the xbox series (x) version.

Imp having a lot of issues with autopilot on xbox series x. I use the standard controller, and a wireless mouse. If I have autopilot on for bulk of flight and take over manually to land, often the sim lets me control the plane, but I loose acceleration and braking. Now if I start any new game ai pilot is automatically on. Many restarts, but it’s locked in now. I don’t know what I did.

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