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Hi, I am and have been an avid flight sim user for years, but at the moment my PC has no chance of running Microsoft Flight Simulator however my XBOX one S can. Before I invest I was wondering if I purchase it from the Microsoft store am I able to use it on both Xbox and PC (if I get a better PC in the future)???

MSFS is not currently available for XBox. That’s coming this summer.

And it’s only been announced for Xbox Series X/S, not for the older consoles.

If you buy from the MS Store, you get the cross play licence, so you can play both on PC or XBox Series X/S, when it becomes available for the latter platform.

What are your current PC specs?

MSFS has not been confirmed on the XBox One S.

It’s only been confirmed for the XBox Series X/S.

That’s a great help! Thank you so much!

I’ve currently got an i3 that struggles to run fsx

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Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It aint gonna run on a Series S. Series X will already be pushing it. It should be fine for most part, but I doubt you will get more than 20 FPS at KJFK with it.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Well, it’s been announced for both Series X / S on the sales page.

How it will run on the S remains to be seen, but it should be available.

as @Crunchmeister71 said, it’d been confirmed for the series S.
I’m guessing the X will run at 4K, the S at 1440p.

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