XBox-app won't login ? Lag ? Insert Disk?

Started up several times here, Wifi and cable work, tested both. Internet works.

First thing that occured to me: XBox-app won’t log in on startup. My avatar does not appear. Also the XBox-app seems to take longer to start (lag)

I have to go 2x or 3x login in te XBox-app click avatar, Sign In before it shows my avatar (then I am logged in, or I SHOULD be)

But when I start MSFS… I don’t get XBox login screen, I get “Insert Disk”

I checked the zendesk page with tips about Insert Disk, it referred to

… I get a lag/wait on that page (??) but then… a green report says everything is ok with XBox-life ! No issues !

Went to the Store, it sais XBox-app was updated, minutes ago !

Reboot, started MSFS from Store. No go. Insert Disk. Quit.

I’m on HP Envy and Windows 11, no virus scanner atm. Previous days, I’ve noticed Google lag (??), now and then, other websites seem quick… Worldwide random server issues, or is it me… or my provider… I’ve had no issues with MSFS and Win-11 this week sofar. What’s going on ?

This may help, no guarantees, but it is worth the try.
It has worked in quite a few cases.

In Window’s Apps and Features, reset the Xbox app, Gaming Services, and the MS Store,
Log back in to those and try sim.

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@Sevenflyer thanks, it was not needed. The usual “Insert Disk”, always magically solved. It works now, 10 hours later. I now suppose this was an issue this morning, maybe location-specific (NL?) with the account server on Azure, or hickups in my own connection… for some reason not accepted by Azure. My XBox-app works again for me, also at startup.

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