Xbox: bought the Premium deluxe, but only get the Premium content

Here the same. No Deluxe content to DL. Everything from the Deluxe edition is missing. Also a friend of me has the same issue.

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It’s really a mess because Xbox support is generally confused that all the content is in the FS marketplace, and not a packaged DLC from the Xbox store like Forza add-ons; i.e. I can’t just uninstall the “Premium Deluxe” credentials & re-download it.

Anyways some clarity / hotfixes on this would be nice after paying $120 for a 150gb game I’ve had to download twice and spend 3 hours in menus troubleshooting, which would probably put me over the limit for a refund.


I have the exact same issue. Pre-ordered the Premium Deluxe Edition back in June and in the ingame marketplace it say I own the Premium Upgrade but for the Deluxe Upgrade I should pay 79,99€ and for the Premium Deluxe Upgrade 84,99€. So I’m missing the 5 airports and 5 aircrafts from the Deluxe content. My zendesk ticket number is: #111953


Same here. Pre ordered Premium Deluxe, got Premium only.

I have the same problem-Ordered Premium Deluxe but only have Premium. Marketplace also does NOT show “Owned” for Premium Deluxe but does show “Owned” for Premium.

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Same for me I tried redownloading but nothing works it shows only premium I hope for an hotfix.

Same here. Very dissapointing thas MS cannot fix such an easy issue.

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Same here! I pre ordered the Premium Deluxe edition in June but I have only received the Premium content and not the Deluxe edition content. So there are 5 aircraft and 5 airports missing. My ticket ID is: 111979

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Yep, me too. Exactly as described in this thread.

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I’m into same problem, reinstalled with the same problem didn’t help :frowning:

I also bought the Premium Deluxe, but it only says Premium in the game :frowning:

Same problem :frowning: ……

Same here!

Followed FAQ “Troubleshooting” this issue & logged out of Account & then logged back in. No change & Sim Marketplace still shows only Premium is owned. HOWEVER, when I went to the Microsoft Store this morning & clicked on the Premium Deluxe version, it shows I own this version. Totally confused …

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Yep same issue, hopefully they’re working on a fix.

Same problem for me too. Frustrating.

Same issue here.

Hello everyone, quick message to let you know that we aware of this situation. The team is looking into.


And some fix to crashing game to xbox series x??

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Yep same issue here. Pre-ordered the premium deluxe but only have the premium content.