XBOX bugs found list

This is the bugs that I found in a few days of playing.

  • 747-8: you must never click PERF INIT of MCDU using softkey, EXEC button become green and it’s impossible to confirm any modifcation. A workaround is to delete the last leg in LEGS screen and reinsert it. After that you can confirm the modifcation

  • A310-300: it’s impossible to communicate with ATC

  • A310-300: my console crashed during checklist

  • LOAD/SAVE function doesn’t work, it completely bricks the top controlbar. After a LOAD/SAVE it is also impossible to select a specific runaway from World Map (drop down menu doesn’t work)

  • Can’t pop-out instruments also if an option for this is present and correctly mapped

  • With a resume after a game pause the aircraft sometimes dramatically turn to left/right with consequent land crash

  • History for SELECT ARRIVAL inside World Map is never saved

  • External power always available, also if power unit by ground services is not connected

  • Weather from top controlbar: if you activate SHOW 3D THERMAL sometimes it activates fluid dynamics flow (you need to activate/deactivate the option many times to remove the effect)

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XBOX Series X

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