XBox console as in-flight entertainment?

Is it possible to play other games on an XBox console whilst signed in to my XBox account to play the PC/Steam version of MSFS? I understand you need to be signed in to get Live Weather etc.

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Hello @ClevaTreva68,

I just launched MSFS on my PC and then Starfield on my Xbox Series X using the same Xbox account. I could play both simultaneously.

What you can’t do is play MSFS in two locations at the same time using the same account. If you launch MSFS on PC and then launch it on Xbox from the same account, you’ll get a warning saying that the account is already in use. It will then ask you where you would like to play (console or PC) and then terminate the other session.

I hope that clears things up for you!



That’s great news, thank you. I suspected that’s how it would work but wasn’t sure. Entertainment on long flights is a must! :smiley: