XBOX console on a PC

I am MFS newbie and this is possibly a dumb question but can/should I try and run an XBOX controller on my PC.

Various threads in this forum tout the XBOX console versus other input devices (mouse and keyboard) for use in the MFS operation.

My current PC is very robust with a high end graphics card. No complaints.

That said, the GUI for MFS is a little nerdy. Could the XBOX console make it ‘easier’ to navigate?

I’ve been around flight sims since FS2002 Pro. Trust me when I tell you that a real flight controller - yoke or stick - will be much better. That said, yeah, you can fly with game controller, but it’s not very precise. I have one that I bought used (bought certified from a store that deals in used books and gaming eqpt.), which I use for the drone camera. If I don’t plan on using the drone during a session, I don’t even plug it in, because it can conflict with my stick and throttle.

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