XBOX Controller and FBW Development Build ONLY

Since the last update the A320NX system won’t see that my thrust levers are in CLB detent perfectly with my Xbox controller. This issue is ONLY happening in the development version ONLY. I have twice checked both the stable and experimental builds with the same flight plan, route, time of day and everything and the system sees it and registers that it is in CLB and all is good. But the development version is not seeing it correctly it just keeps flashing LVR CLB even though it is sitting in the detent perfectly. I’ve even tried setting the levers just above and just below with no luck. It’s really screwing up my flights. Is anyone else having this issue? What do I do? Who do I tell about this issue to get it fixed? Any ideas?

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as Bugs and Issues is for stock sim only.

Please configure your detents properly in the EFB.

I thought the calibration option was only for actual models like thrustmaster and such. I can configure an Xbox controller to detents in the EFB?