Xbox controller calibration settings?

Hi all…

When I’m home, I generally use my X-56 and pedals setup for controls. No issues there, sensitivity, dead zone, and calibration is all available and works fine.

However, I take my sim on the road with me too and when I do, I need a more compact control setup, so I’m using an Xbox 1 controller.

I have an issue where the left stick is never fully centered (always a slight right input). I have tried calibrating the controller in the built in windows utility (which seems to hold the calibration fine), via USB and Bluetooth. Once I’m in the sim though, that calibration doesn’t seem to be recognized and I’m back to having my ailerons in a slight right roll unless I hold it a little to the left.

Is there a way to calibrate the Xbox controller axes in the sim?

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I think there is an issue.

I posted here too issue I am having… it’s driving me absolutely mad.

Asobo did use to have a calibration option in the alpha but it disappeared in the beta and that’s where I have been getting problems of the plane barrel rolling.

It happens as soon as I disengage HDG or NAV… The plane then fights to roll over, disconnects auto pilot… then each time I try to engage autopilot, it gets worse and worse.

I did report to zendesk and really hope they get this fixed… but all my reports get ignored from there so I have now started praying instead :smiley:

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Hi, if I understand this right, then it is just the physics for front propeller planes.
For Propeller Planes it´s normal to drift to the right.
Try an other plane, then you see if this is normal or not :wink:

Yeah, as a real world pilot, I’m familiar with the left turn tendencies… this is right turn, and it’s because the control stick is always giving a slight right turn output, even when in the neutral position.

There needs to be a way to calibrate the center/neutral position of Xbox controller sticks, just as there is with other sticks.

For now, I’m just using a dead zone to “ignore” the right roll command.

It is a known issues and the devs are aware of it, as to when it will be fixed(unknown) hopefully in this update that comes out within the next 10 days it will be fixed.

Actually I think I might of found a fixed, I’ll let you know if it worked or not.

Go to options controls click on your controller and in the upper left there should be sensitivity.
I have assigned -75 sensitivity and 75 for dead zone, you can mess with the settings from there. Fixed it for me. If it doesn’t work for you let me know l. (75 is just a starting mark to figure out if you need to go up or down)

Good to know :slight_smile: … I’ll report back as soon as I get a chance…

So I managed to set sensitivity at least, which was a big help for overall control, but the only “solution” to the calibration issues is to use a huge dead zone… not ideal. It’s working for now, and I dont use the Xbox controller too often (only when I take my rig out on work trips), so I’m not too worried right at this moment. It would be nice to have the option to calibrate controllers and sticks, set center positions, sensitivity curves, etc from within the game though. Something along the lines of FSUIPC…

I gotcha, it’s not ideal but it gets the job done. Happy flying Capt. :airplane:

Also, I’ve messed with the dead zone you can go much further down with the same results :+1:t3: