Xbox controller change all functions after update 5

Hello. Before update 5, I use Xbox controller on my PC, and works very nice. With update 5, every button assign was changed… For example, the arrow keys, before update 5, are to move across the differents instruments, after the update, that was disabled. Also the arrows keys works before update to quick look right and left inside the cockpit, now, no, don´t work… I try many ways to re assign the keys, but without any success. And also have that annoying white dot inside de cockpit, and the awful circle cursor ( I am using a mouse!!!, so why I have to use that cicle)… Is there any way to load the previous Xbox assignment preset?. Thanks

Welcome to the train wreck. Also known as SU5. It’s a complete XXXX show.

But. One thing you might try is deleting a controller function in the Default profile which will cause you to create a new profile. Then you may be able to get something that resembles your prior profile. Also try unplugging your controller, firing up the sim and then plugging it in. That has helped some.

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Thanks, but I already try all options. I create a new controller profile, and try to assign the old presets, but… don´t work, some copckit cameras assignments simply don´t work, even if you assign them to one of the keys. Why on earth Asobo thought it was a good idea, after 1 year, to deconfigure all control functions.

Hi, i got the same issue after update 5.
Nearly every binding got changed by this update on the xbox controller.
How can I get the old bindings back?