XBox controller LT/RT keeps centering

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Brief description of the issue:
Rudder (its on LT/RT on my controller) keeps going back to center when holding either one of the buttons. Not while configuring the controller (works fine there), but while controlling the plane.
Tried to reset the controller profile, but it didn’t help. Can’t find any assistance option that would make it behave like this.

Restarted the game while keeping the controller connected and turned on. And now it works again. Really wish Asobo could fix all the controller problems and stop the game from resetting profiles.

I had the same thing occur upon landing on my first flight after the update today. XBOX, Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight Stick and Rudder Pedals, Cessna 152. Rolled right off the runway after landing. Initially thought massive levels of inaccurate wind was knocking me off. But then external view showed the rudder recentering immediately after holding it left or right. I could get around the issue by constantly adjusting pressure and not letting it settle.

After ending the flight and starting a new flight from the same airport about an hour later, I was able to take off and land with the rudder working as normal. Not sure if this update needs to gradually settle in and shake loose some collateral damage, or what happened, but seems to be working okay after the initial breakdown.