Xbox controller on pc basic training after SU5

I’m trying to get used at the new controls, but i cannot even go through the first basic training with the xbox one x controller.
Until now all turns are made by pushing the R-stick

Hold LB en L-stick and LT/RT does nothing

i passed it using the keyboard left right button for 1 second though…

What i don’t really get is that if MS makes a tutorial i shouldn’t first rebind keys and stuff. It should work as a basic

Next one: Saving a custom view usiong ctrl+alt+1 also does not work properly…i can save the camera, but then pressing alt+1 gives me a window popup outside msfs2020. Creating it with the controller knobs also doesnt work. I can create a custom camera pressing x and left on the cross, but cannot bind a combination to shortcut to it. the preset controller options have flaws

Yeah the Xbox controller on PC was really simple and just perfect before SU5. Had all the basic controls you needed to fly. Now it’s all muffed up!!