Xbox controller pc

Hi all, I’ve just moved from series x to pc and having terrible trouble having my wireless series x controller connect to the sim. It’s paired in windows and in the xbox app it recognises the butting commands and stuck movements.
In the sim it shows as connected but nothing works when I use the controller most times. It’s always saying connected then not connected. When it does work and powers off and I push the middle button it can then very often not connect again.
Is this normal and I need to use it wired?

I use mine wired. When I tried it wireless I had problems too.

And I make sure it’s turned 0n before starting the sim.

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Ok glad to know it’s not just me, thanks.
I’ll give it a go making sure it’s on when I start the sim and if not will just buy a cable and have it wired. Pity though as on the series x it’s perfect.

Don’t expect any vibration on PC.

I don’t know if there is more vibration on console version but you do get vibration in the Xbox One controller.

Has not vibrated on PC since SU5.

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Are you saying that it is working for you on PC?

Ah I didn’t know of that issue. I turned the vibration off in sim cos only use controller for drone camera and when using the sdk.

I have just blagged an XBox controller from my grandson (I did tell him before I nicked it) for the sole purpose of controlling the drone camera, which I have never used previously. I have similar problems connecting wirelessly with it randomly disconnecting etc and I am, right now, off to get a cable for a wired connection. I did have difficulty locating a cable that was a data cable and not just for charging. The puzzling thing that I have, when I use the drone camera, I lose control of the aircraft functions through my other controllers i.e HOTAS throttle, stick and pedals. Am I missing a trick somewhere or is that the way it is? I have not, yet, deleted any of the default binds from the XBox profile although I plan to do that once I have conquered this we gadget.

That’s what you need to do - delete any controls assigned to the XBox controller except camera functions.

I’ve had the wireless XBOX Series X wireless controller work on PC well since it came out (Nov 2020?) and it was also recognized as such ingame - until SimUpdate 5.
After SU5, I could only get it recognized in MSFS properly by unplugging/replugging the my bluetooth dongle after launching the game, or by using it wired… very annoying.
Now since a few weeks they seem to have patched this. I still switch on the controller only after launching MSFS, then it is recognized as new device with correct settings (by hitting “keep default” in the popup). But no need to unplug the dongle anymore.

Thanks for the steer Lefty, I’ll crack on and do that. Still don’t have a cable though, got to the store and, despite their site saying differently all of the cables that they had were charging cables and not data.