Xbox Controller (USB) Not working after Hotfix

Shows up fine in the controller and sensitivity menu but left stick doesn’t work nor do several of the buttons including throttle.

Mine is working fine though.

Try to re-plug in and change back to the default profile to see if there’s any improvement.

I’ve tried that. Nothing has changed. Right stick works, some buttons work but left stick is dead even though it shows up fine in the controller and sensitivity menu.

I’ve also done a full re-install. Same situation.

When you move the stick in the control panel, did the movement register at all?

Do you have other programs that could use a controller? You could test it there as well.

Somehow it might not be an MSFS problem.

Yes all movement registered in the control panel.

I ended up finding the profile file and deleting it off my hard drive. All settings / graphics and controllers were reset but now I can fly again.

That’s great to hear!