Xbox CTD frequently

I’ve had flight sim since November on Xbox. I have tried every combination of settings to prevent CTD. The most recent is when I had been in the pause menu for over 30 minutes not actively playing with only the velocity one controller plugged in and it still crashed. Seems like no matter what you do, it’s going to crash.


Seems like there’s no solution to this. I’ve been frustrated with CTDs and have tried everything as well. Literally purchased the Xbox for this game and it keeps happening especially on flights 5hrs +

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I’m still having issues, even more frequently than before. Within the last month I’ve been able to start from the world map with a departure and set a destination mid flight and fly/land without any issues. Now I can’t even get to final approach. Crashed 3 separate times on me this morning. Extremely frustrating. Starting to lose my patience as the progress I make every morning gets lost with every CTD. I probably have 25% more flight time/takeoffs/landings than what is shown.

Not only that, all of a sudden I’m having invalid format display issues on my LG C1 with the 4K 120hz. Can only play Xbox in 60hz.

MSFS does not seem to play well with 120hz, just 60hz. I play every other xbox game in 120 but FS.

Most thing that has helped me with CTDs is turning off rolled cache in general options - data … also clearing it after each flight (not sure if it makes a difference since rolling cache is already off but i still do that)

Also exit the game completely after each flight. I have been able to complete every flight under 5 hours without CTDs since I’ve been doing this.

If you have downloaded something recently in the game that you feel like caused more CTDs then delete it. I deleted the 737 max as it seemed to always crash my game. I play with the 777-300 and A320N with different liveries downloaded with no issues.

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Hey - why are you clearing after every flight rolling cache when you set it OFF.
Makes no sense.

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Like I said up top that it’s probably pointless but I still do it anyway. Probably shouldn’t lol

I do the excact same thing for ages. I’m getting used to it.

I also got CTD’s but this seemed to only happen when landing at a 3rd party field. I mainly use Wycombe Air Park (Booker EGTB) for departure/landing, take off fine but as soon as I land CTD. I changed departure/Landing to Shoreham had no problems, even able to park up as well. So I think the 3rd party addon are the culprit here