#Xbox CTD on Milan & Zurich

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Only in LIMC and LSZH the sim has a very long loading, ending in a CTD.
I have the two default airports. If I depart from others airports it is all ok, but when I arrive near those two airports the sim has a CTD.

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No images of a CTD

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Starting from LIMC and LSZH with default aircrafts or 3d party

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Xbox Series X

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: and

Anyone can help me? I have already tried to cancel Rolling cache, and I reinstalled all the 8 world updates.


I just had a CTD on Xbox series X in a beechcraft bonanza default.

Had previously only loaded Zurich default airport. Had a look at the buildings via drone, took off and crashed (collision)

Reloaded, and CTD immediately upon seeing the Fly Now button.

First flights of the day. Only Bijan Autumn scenery loaded plus Alpes D’Huez.

No additional aircraft

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