[XBox] CTD on Start Up after installation of the WU IX Italy

The interesting bit about the WU9 update is this - almost simultaneous with the WU9 release a “mandatory update for the generic airport data folder on Xbox” was pushed out.
I didn’t download WU9 - but coincident with this pushed update, the flash screens changed, and I started to experience huge stutters and a CTD. The PG scenery at EGHI also went to pieces. All within minutes of this compulsory update (at the time I was puzzled as to why I suddenly experienced a batch of major issues)
So the questions I’ve got- to what extent did the pushed update cause problems? It definitely did to me - though not the CTD on start-up - or was it the combination of pushed update and WU9 that caused the CTD problems? And if it was the combination, was the order in which the two updates were applied critical?
Definitely highlights issues in configuration control at work, I’d say - and this IMO is one of the root causes of many problems, especially once third party add ons are included in the mix…

Particular Issue resolved with the latest patch.