(XBox) DA 40 throttle/engine speed issues

Not using dev mode.

Flew this plane for 2 hours last night and the throttle doesn’t respond right, neither does the mixture.

Plane red lines most of the time, have to drop throttle to 40% or less before it makes any difference to engine speed at all.
On the ground, throttle at 0, Mixture leaned all the way, engine still running at 800rpm.
Really difficult to land it smoothly when your throttle range is basically 0 to 30% on the power and the engine ignores an actual bottom range.
Saw really old archived posts saying much the same thing over a year ago, guessing it’s not been fixed.

Diamond’s normal idle RPM (according to Diamond manual ) is 720 to 780 RPM.
The TDI and NG are both diesel I believe, and have no mixture control, so I’m not sure how you leaned it.
My controls do not exhibit that behaviour.

The default Diamonds are extremely wrong. Normally these planes have a full Fadec system taking care of engine boost, rpm and mixture depending on the power lever setting. The default versions have nothing but a very sad attempt of recreating this behaviour. For PC there are great mods available but the time the modder put into this fadec and further fixes is beyond any feasibility for Asobo. I doubt they will fix that.

Don’t claim to be any kind of expert on planes, but surely the throttle should make some difference to rpm before you get it below 40%? Redlines all the time, pull the throttle out a long way before anything changes. Why would anyone make a plane work like that?
This is on XBox, as stated.
No idea on mixture then, did not know they were diesel. I just pulled the knob out on the yoke. :joy:

Yes, you should get much better response than that.
Are you sure you had the DA40?
It doesn’t have a yoke, it has a center stick.

Yes, the DA40, I meant I was using the V1F yoke. :innocent:

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Does it need to be recalibrated?

Nope. Works fine on every other aircraft. The throttle on the DA40 on XBox is not working correctly.

This is another odd one.
I can’t replicate it, (just tried again)
But it seems you aren’t the only one.
Here are a couple links to existing threads I have found.


I hope the issue gets resolved.
Good luck.