Xbox dev mode and msfs

Ok everyone, stop installing Dev Mode on your XBox! What is being suggested, it just CAN’T be done.

I used to live in South Africa for a while. It became like my second home. I really really get homesick for it at times, but I also realize, the situation there has gotten a lot worse since I knew it. Power load shedding is a daily occurrence. Violence can spark rather quickly. The economy has gotten worse, and crime has risen.

So when MSFS came out, I wanted nothing more than to resolve this homesickness by at least being able to fly around where I knew, see the sights that were familiar to me. But of course, it doesn’t look exactly like what I knew with the autogen. The Hillbrow Tower ends up a skinny highrise, the Soweto Towers aren’t recognizable, the words Telekom aren’t glaring in red from the tower in Berea and seen from miles. There are so many fantastically modelled bits of South Africa in that would make my home recognizable again. No one wants more than me to be able to get access to those.

BUT… you are going to have to wait for Scenery Gateway System. It was intended to be in the sim before the end of the year, but the developer they contracted to develop the software quit after the design phase. So they have been forced to hire a new contractor and its been delayed. But it should be Q1 of 2022. With this, everyone that has addons in should be able to submit them, and upon review, they can be placed in this freeware market and be available to XBox. Now, anything that requires an external application wont work on XBox, so you still won’t have access to FlyByWire. But access to freeware is coming. It’s just taking time.

I wrote all this so you know, I’m not dismissing you all. I get it. But dev mode for Xbox, it just isn’t the answer to what you are looking for.


So if it can’t be done how is it that a member has managed to do this, adding addons to the sim and all working fine?

Well frankly, they’re probably lying.

It’s less likely that there’s a serious security vulnerability in Xbox Dev Mode that Microsoft hasn’t patched yet, but it’s unlikely.

Note that if it is true, you can expect this hole to get patched in the near future, and it will no longer be possible.

by now I also believe the users that claim this is somehow working to add addons to MSFS via Xbox dev mode, are simply telling lies. It’s the internet, people…

If this WAS working, there would be tons of youtube videos about it, don’t you think.


well, at least thats very good news,


I haven’t seen a single shred on youtube that has this working like people are saying it is. Thank you for talking sense.

Patrick it’s time for you to step up my friend and tell everyone how to do this or even if it can be done, as from where I stand it looks like it cannot be be done anymore, as mentioned if this is possible why have no YouTube videos explaining exactly how to do this been made, all we need are some clear instructions or even proof that it works

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