XBox down

I’m a PC user with Microsoft Store Version.

When starting MSFS, I’m asked to insert a disc … I looked at MSFS help and this says that Xbox could the problem and they give a link to check Xbox services availability. I clicked on the link and surprise Xbox is down for Games and Gaming since oct 3, 3 Am. It says you may have problems starting games, yes that’s the problem. It’s now oct 4 1:30 PM and XBox is still close to resolve the issue.

I’m in Québec Canada. I know few other users who are unable to use MSFS as well, is XBox unavailability a general problem ?

News says nothing about that problem, why ?

Thanks for feedback

Hmm… Shows everything as up aside from NBA 2K2 (which has had issues since launch).

Not being a Xbox user, I didn,t know that NBA 2K22 was an app, I thought it was a defect code …

So I’m good the uninstall every Xbox app I can find, windows store and pray to have this solved … may be a dance around the PC would help !

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