Xbox External Cam + Hotas SHOWCASE Camera question

So I really enjoy the SHOWCASE camera’s. On long flights, I like to change up the showcase camera angles.

I just got a HOTAS and noticed that whenever I want to change showcase cam, it keeps bringing the landing gear down or up. I press ‘B’ on the HOTAS which is configed for landing gear.

So I changed the HOTAS button config to make the landing gear come down with the ‘B3’ button. That works fine. But if I want to cycle thru the showcase camera’s, I have to go back to the XB controller and do that by pressing B - which again triggers the landing gear.

I tried to change the landing gear button on XB controller but can’t find another button to use that isn’t being used. It says I can config via combo but no idea how to combo the buttons in Xbox.

Any help I can change the landing gear button on the XB Controller to another unused button? Or maybe If I have to combo it how do I setup a combo button?

Thanks in advance.

To set up a combo binding. Go into your control options select ALL, the find which you wish to configure in your case toggle landing gear. Then click on assign and press the combo you wish to use e.g. R1+B at same time so it shows the combo in the box then select validate.
If it conflicts with any other bindings it will tell you and you can delete as required.

I hope this helps

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Thanks. This helped figure it out for me. What I was doing was selecting ‘SELECT AND INPUT’ which lists the available buttons. Instead, what you have to do is CLEAR CURRENT INPUT, then go click on the ‘START SCANNING’ search area , then do the combo and it shows up.

Problem now is seems even all the combo’s are being used somewhere else!
Edit : choose Down D Pad Button + B as it was available.

But now I know how to do this, maybe I’ll just assign some combo’s to the HOTAS instead if that’s possible.

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