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Beside the fact that it could be done on PC anyway. :man_facepalming:

Ok the most annoying problem for me is navigating the cockpit with the small pointer dot.

I don’t know if this is a bug or just how it is but it needs improving.

The issue is the little pointer dot does not always appear, the only way is to keep opening the top taskbar by clicking the thumb stick which brings up the larger pointer with the circle around it.
Then I click thumb stick again to remove taskbar and the little pointer is available for me to click on things.

Why does the little white pointer not just automatically appear when I hover over clickable controls in the cockpit.

This really needs fixing.


Silly or not, the vast majority of airlines haven’t given permission to use their liveries in MSFS and this must be one of the reasons, if not the main reason why.

Hi, when you say that vast majority did not give permision to use their liveries in MSFS, is there something that I am missing? Any update from devs? As far as I know nothing like that was communicated or confirmed from Microsoft/Asobo. If its based on current situation when we have KLM and S7 only ok, but I really expect this to change/improve. But again, maybe I just lost some new information, so please dont consider this as any kind of offense against you.
Thanks and have a good day

From this article in February 2021:

"Jorg Neumann: …If we’re doing France and Benelux, I’ll talk to every airline that originates in these countries, so clearly it’s Air France, KLM, and so on, and I’ll try to convince them “hey, I’m doing this update featuring your home country. I want to show your airline, come on, let’s be all proud together!”

Some agree and some don’t. It’s hit and miss."

The fact that there are only a few real-world AI aircraft liveries so far means that the majority who’ve been asked have refused.

Use a wireless optical mouse with scroll wheel instead. 100x better experience overall. IMHO. I have keyboard, mouse and HOTAS One. XBox controller powered down most of the time. UI now easy to navigate.


Yeah I have been thinking about a mouse, not really keen on mouse and keyboard though as my xbox/TV is in a tv unit so no area apart from the floor to put the mouse/keyboard.

I have a wireless mouse laying around somewhere, not sure if thats possible though with xbox, does it need to be wired via USB?


I use a wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Touchpad. It came with a USB dongle that I plugged into my Xbox Series X. It was immediately recognized and it works well with MSFS.


Thanks for the source of your info.
Anyway I still doubt that there wont be any progress. I feel that now with the wave of Xbox simmers who have no other option as of now than to get it directly from Asobo or Marketplace, that might increase the pressure on Asobo to deliver them…dont know, maybe Im naive…but I dont expect the situation to remain unchanged.

Me too, and yes it does. Only wired thing I have is the HOTAS One. KB and mouse are both wireless to same dongle plugged into USB on XBox front panel.

I have a £26 wireless optical mouse & keyboard (bought as one package) working through a single dongle on the front of XBox. Works really well.

Can you pass me the mouse/keyboard model please?

Can the touchpad be used as a mouse? Works well?

Yes, it works fine — just like using the trackpad on a laptop. Even multifinger gestures work.

The one I have is a Leadsail Keyboard and optical mouse combo (both feed into one wireless USB dongle), it was reduced from £35 to £25 on Amazon.
Couple of points-

  1. buy a keyboard with a numpad as there are quite a few keyboard bindings in FS for a numpad keyboard
  2. I had issues with a cheap touchpad integrated in a smaller £14 keyboard which seemed to interfere with the XBox controller to the point that they were fighting each other for control when changing settings in the cockpit (with an associated FPS dive and one CTD). I’d advise going for dedicated devices (keyboard/mouse).
    The scroll wheel on the mouse zooms in and out of any view, which I find extremely handy. The top in flight menu drop down with a mouse requires no click for it to appear unlike the XBox controller, just mouse over and it drops down. Also all the buttons and dials in the cockpit etc are easier and faster to access & change IMHO.
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FYI, mouse does not have the same options as PC - regarding a LEGACY option. Another very strange decision, which has been added to the on-going list.

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Correct no legacy option to be found, but I haven’t found the need for legacy option yet. Fingers crossed.

Thank you very much!

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There are a number of Xbox-related questions in the open section for the Dev Q&A, in a few weeks time. I would urge you (if you’re serious about getting these issues addressed) to vote on them and we may hear something. Cheers guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hadn’t time to read this topic before, and I’ve seen that you add the logbook issue to the list.
Thank you :+1:

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