Xbox gameplay is still not smooth

when i bought this game for my xbox series s i was expecting some smooth gameplay but was i mistaken, after 3 months of playing it has only gotten worse, ive done everything in terms of deleting rolling cache and turning off rolling cache as well as upping the rolling cache to 100 and it still does nothing to help my performance. It is quite sad that i cant have a enjoyable experince on my xbox because of the stuttering issues. If there is anything i could do to fix this i would, i even tried joining the su10 beta via the xbox insider hub but the gameplay is still not smooth, is there anything else i can do

Maybe it’s just because SU9 was so bad but I noticed an immediate improvement in the SU10 beta. (Series X)

Definite improvements in SU10 - currently in beta testing, to be released Aug 23.

There is a Developer Q&A video next Thurs on Twitch (MSFSOfficial) and they usually discuss exactly what changes have been made, and answer questions submitted. There is a lot of pressure (and momentum) to fix the performance issues on both PC and Xbox, whatever isn’t fixed in SU10 will start to be addressed in the subsequent updates, and so it goes.

Turn off bing world data and satellite image. If the game runs smooth, then your internet is too slow

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