Xbox Gliders

Hello all
Does anybody know how to get gliders for MFS x box?
Or when are they being launches to xbox?

I believe Asobo themselves has it on their working ‘list’ with relative priority. We do need a self propelled modern glider for sure, not sure how well it would work though. Not sure if they’re working on the glider as an aircraft add or as a system with thermal modeling(if it’s not modeled well).

@TravelerWolf539 Hi!
The SDK section of the forum (where you originally posted this) is for asking questions about the Software Development Kit. I’ve moved your topic into #community:general-discussion-feedback :+1:

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Asobo is indeed working on gliders
See item #11 on the Wishes Feedback Snapshot
They are scheduled for the second half of this year.

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There’s also the discus-2c. If you go to the following link (a freeware PC release), the Dev talks about releasing a non freeware premium version for both PC and XBox, so it may arrive sooner than the officially supported one. Who knows. I’ve used the freeware one a few times and it is a great way to fly. They use some custom weather presets to simuate thermals.

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