Xbox lessons for Vfr not working

Been trying to complete all the lessons. On the second vfr lesson you have to fly over centre runway then munds park golf course. Sometimes the centre runway symbol does not disappear. Sometimes when it does and I overfly golf course at 8000 ft the lesson does not stop. I have a score for this pre world update 6. Similar on lesson 3 also. Anyone else having similar issues or can offer advice? Instructor advice only available at beginning. Nothing at end or during flight.

Yep. Lessons have issues when sometimes they did not work as intended. The workaround is to exit the game, fully close it (from the xbox main screen, press the three lines button and select to close the app) and restart the game.

Sometimes users have reported to have to restar the console to solve the issue.

Thanks I will give it a go next time I am on. Much appreciated.

A lot of the time when the sim acts funky, it usually because of a stale game state. Restarting the game back through the loading screens usually fixes the problem for me.


Does the trick for me as well!

That worked perfectly. Have now got an A for the lesson so on to the next one. Many thanks.