XBOX LFPO Orly, LFLL Lyon, or LEIB Ibiza?

Since these are on sale, I’d like to buy them… But only if they actually work on XBOX without CTDing a lot. Anyone have any luck with these with SU11? They sure look nice. I wish all the airports worked as nicely as the Pyreegue Dev Co ones do! They do magic with their coding!

Lfll, love it right now, works great With SU11, lfpo wise, no runaways light at night … , Nice on days.

LFBO is quite good also

But none are better than pyreegue.

In my opinion pyreegue airports are the best at that moment for Xbox.

So to sump up, LFLL would be my choice

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Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. I’m so tired of buying an airport and wasting the $$ on CTDs. This helps so much.

Did you get LFLL? It’s again on sale and I too am wondering how it performs on Xbox.

I did get LFLL (DigitalDesign) awhile back. I usually fly the A310 and it worked pretty fine. There’s the I guess you’d call normal CTD or the black screens every so often (sad that its now the norm). I have not tried flying into or out of with the PMDG 737 yet. I did load in just to see if I had black screens. 1st time it did, 2nd try (after restarting and tapping my head 3 times) no black screens. I see if I can fly into and out sometime this week if possible and let ya know how that goes. I happen to think it’s a nice looking airport though! I’ve pretty much stopped buying airports until MS/Asobo gets their act together. Tired of tossing $$ towards airports and worrying each time I fly if I’m gonna make it. Stock airports are gonna have to do till then. (I’'m on XBOX series X)

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I flew from EGPH to LFLL in the PMDG 737 this evening. Everything went fine at EGPH because Pyreegue Dev Co knows what they’re doing and put the magic VooDoo on all their wonderful airports. Landed fine at LFLL, but as soon as I hit the taxi way, black screens, and once I pulled up to the gate I noticed that some of the airport wasn’t really even there anymore. (it used to be) See the attached photo. I took the one screen shot then CTD. So yeah. LFLL Lyon Digital Designs is like a lot of market place airports. Oh well. (XBOX series X). (clean freshly started from complete shutdown for the flight. I did have live players, live traffic & live weather on because it’s suppose to work)


Thanks. Looks like one to avoid. A shame, given that it’s almost half-price at the moment.

FYI I did the complete flight again, just to test after tapping my head 3 times. And this time made it all the way to the gate with some stutters only. The entire airport was showing up this time around (I happen to think it looks great). So it’s just another one of those things where it works if the sun is in line with the moon, or you tap your head and do 3 spins. Who knows. It seems to work with the less complex airplanes though. So hope this helps. I find that I have less luck at market place airports with the A310 than I do with the 737.

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