XBOX LFPO Orly, LFLL Lyon, or LEIB Ibiza?

Since these are on sale, I’d like to buy them… But only if they actually work on XBOX without CTDing a lot. Anyone have any luck with these with SU11? They sure look nice. I wish all the airports worked as nicely as the Pyreegue Dev Co ones do! They do magic with their coding!

Lfll, love it right now, works great With SU11, lfpo wise, no runaways light at night … , Nice on days.

LFBO is quite good also

But none are better than pyreegue.

In my opinion pyreegue airports are the best at that moment for Xbox.

So to sump up, LFLL would be my choice

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Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. I’m so tired of buying an airport and wasting the $$ on CTDs. This helps so much.