XBox Live account has no activity

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Brief description of the issue:
I was required to create (or resurrect) an XBox live account in order to use this game. I already have a steam account, I bought this through steam, but I still needed to create this account.

And there is absolutely nothing there. Whats it actually good for?
It doesn’t track my progress in this game
It doesn’t track any of the purchases I have made through this games marketplace* (which one might consider important)
It doesn’t list friends
It does not even seem to link (in any meaningful or coherent way) with my existing Microsoft Live account (windows OS and other associated subscriptions)

If this were a DRM thing could they not have allowed that to happen through Steam? Could that not have been linked to my existing and frequently used Microsoft Live account? (where my subscription and payment activity for other products IS visible?)

Surely having been required to create this account in order to play this game it could at least recognize that I do in fact own the game?

The XBox account grants you authorization to use the underlying services that gateway you to the MSFS servers that host the backend of the game, meaning streaming Bing Maps, Photogrammetry, Live Weather, Online AI Traffic, as well as establish client side information so the latest updates can be pushed to your installation during program launch.

Notably, XBox gaming as an ecosystem is where MS consolidates gaming related services including Windows based games under the XBox for Windows brand.

This should all have been obvious from last night’s XBox Services outage.