XBOX Login When Opening Sim

I know this was an issue last week when the XBOX servers were down, but is it down again right now because I’m getting the XBOX login failed pop up when I launch the sim?

Me too. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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XBox Live Status has been green all day.

How many hops away are you from account login servers and is that connectivity working? It may be an ISP or common backbone problem.

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Update: After closing it and opening it back up, I didn’t not receive the failed login pop up and I’m currently back to flying!

Still, that was odd…

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I can’t get past x box login again. Checked ISP , no problems.

It’s working fine for me now, as well.

Just for future reference, you can always use a Command Prompt to run Tracert to see your connection to

Generally it’s one hop between you and, as the servers are hosted in a load-sharing arrangement that’s not transparent to the end user.

And you can always check the status of the Live Services here: Xbox Support

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Thanks CasualClick. I didn’t know that, may be useful for future . Cheers

I had this for 3 days. I had to delete the .cfg file in the users/name/appdata/roaming/miscrosoft… then it redownloaded and prompted my for xbox sign in with a “text” window instead of the graphic version.
I had to download a lot of it again but works again.

Hi everyone.

I think i have the same problem and the multiplayer is not working even trying to logout and login after


Ok, so maybe it will help.

I´ve uninstall the game and xbox app

I´ve found an old post where at the time we found a solution by using XBOX COMPAGNON to install and launch the game.

First step is on the way

I will let you know for the second one.

I currently have the same problem. No access to Marketplace. Vancouver International Airport scenery purchased through Marketplace not available. No live weather. No Bing World Data even though all the data options are turned on. I am simply not connected. Signing out and then back in again does not help. Is there any way to fix this without having to reinstall the game yet again?

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Is the multiplayer option actived in the general option menu?

Thank you for replying to my post. Not sure if the multiplayer option was activated or not. In frustration I uninstalled the game and then tried to reinstall it. This was a mistake as I was still not connected and unable to download the game files. In the end I contacted the zendesk. They were immensely helpful to get me back up and flying again. Many thanks to them. All I lost were the initial few legs of the Nevada bush trip.

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Hey Metman481017,

i have exactly the same problem you discribed just in the post before. Are you back online ? I was thinking of unistall de game and install it back again, but it seems not to be the issue.

Are you able to help me ?


Hi Brynair,

I would suggest not uninstalling. I did that and it was not helpful. When I went to reinstall the game I was still not connected to the servers so could not download the game files. I contacted the zendesk with a detailed account of my problem. They were very prompt in replying and their instructions got me reconnected so I could download the files. The game seems to be functioning normally as of this writing. Following are the instructions they sent me, however I would encourage you to contact them just in case your problem is not identical to the one I had.

Step 1. Sign out of the game (if you have access to the menu—if not skip this step)

Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator

Click on your gamertag in the top right corner of the screen

Click on Sign out

Close Microsoft Flight Simulator

Step 2. Sign out of the Microsoft Store app

Open the Microsoft Store app installed on your computer

Click on the icon in the top right corner of the screen

Click on the email address in use

Click sign out

Step 3. Log out of the Xbox App and Xbox Companion apps (if installed)

Open the Xbox app

Click on the icon in the top right corner

Click Sign out

Open the Xbox Companion app

Click on the cog icon at the bottom of the left menu

Click sign out

Step 4. Uninstall the Xbox app and Xbox Companion apps ((if installed)

Open Settings

Go to Apps

Type “Xbox” to filter the apps

Click on Xbox app > Uninstall

Click on Xbox Companion app > Uninstall

Step 5. Reboot the PC

Step 6. Sign in to the Microsoft Store app

Open the Microsoft Store app

Click on the icon in the top right corner

Click on sign in

Sign in with the email address used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator

Step 7. Install the Xbox app for Windows 10 PC

Go to: Xbox app for Windows 10 | Xbox

Click on Download the app

Follow the instructions

Once the app is installed, sign in with the email address used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator

Step 8. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator from the Xbox app

Click on the Microsoft Flight Simulator icon in the left menu

Click on Play

Sign in with with the email address used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator

If the message doesn’t disappear after that /OR/ if the message appeared after closing an update before it was fully installed /OR/ after moving the installation folders please do the following:

1. Close Microsoft Flight Simulator and navigate to the UserCfg.opt file that you can find at the following location by default:


2. Open the UserCFG.opt file with Notepad, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and delete the following line*“C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages”*
3. Relaunch the Microsoft Flight Simulator
4. Sign in with the Microsoft account used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator
5. The Set Up Your Experience screen will appear again
6. Make sure that the installation path points to the folder where the packages are installed

If the content servers remain unavailable, it’s possible you have reached your data cap limit. The data cap will reset at the date you have set up—by default, it should be on the first day of every month, unless you have selected a different day.

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I have the same problem with shopping in the marketplace . I have a steam version. Will the suggested option help me the same?

Starting at 8am PT there is a required 29+ gig update before you can login and play.

Mod Edit: I didn’t want to open a thread now and hope I’m right here…

I’ve also been able to sync cloud data with Xboxlive for a few days now. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to clean up the causes.

A new registration has brought nothing, various restarts unfortunately not.

Through the browser I get to the interface of Xboxlive without any problems.

Really annoying the query every time the game starts offline.

Can anyone help with a

Ich wollte jetzt keinen Thread öffnen und hoffe ich bin hier richtig…

Ich kann ebenfalls seit einigen Tagen mit Clouddaten mit Xboxlive synchronisieren. Ich finde leider keinen Weg zur Ursachenbereinigung.

Eine Neuanmeldung hat nichts gebracht, diverse Neustarts leider auch nicht.

Über den Browser komme ich ohne Probleme auf die Oberfläche von Xboxlive.

Wirklich nervig die Abfrage jedes mal wenn mal offline das Spiel startet.

Kann mit einer jemand helfen