Xbox Marketplace and owned pc addons

How will asobo manage to integrate owned addon in the Xbox marketplace ?
I have for example a lot orbx sceneries owned on pc how will the Xbox marketplace recognize my owned addons ?
I don’t want buying twice !!!

Will my Marketplace purchases carry over to the Xbox version?

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator will be updated on all available platforms to feature cross-save timed with its launch on Xbox Series X|S, allowing players to transfer DLC that was produced by Microsoft/Asobo and progress over to whichever platform they prefer.

DLC produced by third-party developers might be transferable, but that is a decision made by each third party development team.

  • NOTE: DLC purchased on a Steam version will not work on Xbox.


Ok thx - but if i bought it via orbx direct or for example simmarket ?
I mean not via pc marketplace !

Only in-game store for Xbox.
All other source will be ignore.

Since one year it’s an argument in favour of ingame store: this will be the only method for have your purchase on Xbox without re-purchase.