Xbox marketplace : no new planes

so, which Q&A and which timecode…

No idea. It was one of the last two. You can watch them. Or not.

lol… what a nice proove… blablabala…

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I am not here to prove anything to you. You asked when it was explained and I told you that it was one of the last two Q&As. What more is there to say? I am not going to hunt it down. If you are interested, you can watch the Q&As which are timestamped for relevant topics.


In many ways I think this is true of Microsoft on the whole.

I agree, it is a punch in the gut to not have any new aircraft consistently. I try and look forward to the weekly updates but just to be disappointed every time.

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I think I read somewhere that this is exactly what Aerosoft are in the process of doing. Full complexity aircraft are beyond the Xbox but some simplification and “bingo”

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lol… you are do an offensive statements (btw : no one heard about this) and you not able prove it… what “art” of discussion.

I try MSFS on Xbox X, 65" 4K Oled 120hz and all that stuff, but for me, 30 fps ruins the whole experience. I don´t know If I am doing something wrong, but I prefer to use the sim on a Full HD laptop, 60HZ, at around 60 fps, and adjusting the graphics myself.

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Off topic, but I do like the graphics options on PC, wish xbox x had some too. The max I can get fps wise with acceptable visuals is about 31 on my laptop though only with 80% render scale at 1080. It’s a good laptop, but with a CAD 3D card sadly not a gaming one. 120Hz isn’t really best for uhd TV with FS. 60Hz is best there for FS, and HDR10 makes for nice visuals too.

Hey guys. I also wait for new planes every week. Every week you feel sad again for a moment, especially when you see on YouTube what options you have on the PC. The DC-6 and JF pipers have been expected for so long. And every time only the wallet stays happy. So many airports, of course, it’s nice that more and more are slowly being added, but not even a plane is really a shame.

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I am running MSFS on a 2060 RTX, 100% render at 1080, and works fantastic. I think it is not possible to get the PC graphics option on Xbox, because they try to get the most consistent and trouble-free performance on console, so If you change the default Xbox settings, you probably will ruin the MSFS optimization for Xbox.

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I suspect you are right. I wouldnt mind having a LOD slider to reduce it a bit. But with a locked frame rate maybe it’s pointless. It my even be cool to try it at HD1080 at 60fps say.

I’m in a 1/2 way house myself right now. One foot in each camp running FS on two platforms while I decide the way to go or mabe continue with both. The PC easily wins hands down on most fronts apart from 4K output and entry price, where XBox clearly wins. I agree though. It may come down to 3rd party planes being delayed or cancelled for XBox that makes a lot of simmers question it’s long term viability as a sim platform. Waiting ages for XBox bugs to be addressed for me is a huge annoyance too. Simple things like saving (the only supported) stick sensitivities on the Hotas or the mouse losing control are real experience killers for many. We do keep hearing it’s only 3 months since release, but we don’t even have an XBox bug list yet like PC and VR does. It’s quite frustrating in many ways, this is MS software on an MS O/S running on MS hardware. :roll_eyes:


That’s the key, that’s exactly what i think, MSFS on Xbox at 1080 and 60 fps will be the best option.

But for me is much more important the fps than the 4K on MSFS. 4K at 30 fps is not a great experience. And like a lot of Xbox X games, too much “4K”, “120” hz, but only on a few indie games, or very downgraded version of games.

but there are many games in 4k 60hz. and with vrr also without tearing… i dont need 120hz - maybe ok for an shooter but not needed for an simulator.

Shure, 120hz is a joke when some games are running on 30 fps. 60 fps and 60hz works great.

perhaps we will see 40fps at 120hz. this make more sense.

I want 4k for my UHD oled TV it looks great and seems faster than 30fps at times.