Xbox networking down? Servers down?

Starting sim, networks and marketplace unavailable. Starting sim results in Teredo error.


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This morning I can’t get it to run…it sits with the blue line crossing across the bottom but so far it’s taken 25 mins. Could the servers being down cause this? Needless to say there are no other problems on the pc.

The only other weirdness I had was on one start-up, I got the blue line without the Arc de Triomphe splash screens. Something’s up I think. I’ve also had quirky behavior a week or so before major updates. Who knows?

Internal Error 0x830c0127

It looks like the entire XBox network is down. Normally you can look at the status of the servers via the link, but even that isn’t working right now.

Similar issues in UK, everything just stops eg checking for update, blue bar progress and then when you eventually get in the graphics are poor and performance dreadful

I have no network selection options other than “automatic” and the Marketplace is grayed out, inaccessible. Can’t tell for sure but terrain looks worse than normal.

Same here, painfully slow start up and blue progress bar stops moving almost at the end. Something weird going on.

No flying today by the looks of it.

:smirk: started flying around south of France about 2 hrs ago… no issues yet (my location: Netherlands)

Looks like it’s up now. Please update this thread if problems persist.

This seems to be happening with monotonous regularity.

Do Microsoft have anything to say about it? What’s causing it maybe?

If I were in that marketplace and had to choose between the PS5 and new Xbox, given how flaky the Xbox servers clearly are I’d have to pick the PS5.

Apart from the massive hack a number of years ago, in all the time I’ve owned a PS4 I’ve never had a single outage.


After all, France is not affected either:
État de Xbox | Xbox Support

I have no problems in Germany either (at least not with XBox-Live :wink:).
Xbox-Status | Xbox Support

Still doesn’t work in eastern US :frowning:

Very strange, because I just launched the sim again after reading your post, and it’s working; complete with Live Traffic and Weather. You may want to check your sim connections (Data, etc.) and/or ISP connection.

Can confirm, three hours later.

What are you confirming - an outage or not?

The Sim says I’m online, but offers no network selections except “automatic” and the marketplace is grayed out. If I check Xbox networking, sometimes I am open and connected, and other times "Teredo is blocked…: “Fix it” them works for a few minutes. Connection is Comcast at 475 mbps and working fine.

Content Manager shows 249 items not installed and 0 items installed. ??

That’s exactly what it was doing around the 5th/6th when they had the account problems.

Outage here in Maine.

Thanks. Does your Sim run okay except for the online connection, and is your Markeplace grayed out as well? I’m not too hip about the Teredo problems and solutions and would rather not go there if its a server-side problem. Thanks for the confirmation.

I don’t get that far, just “checking for updates”.