XBOX ONE controller (bluetooth) is not recognized

It is not possible for me to play MSFS in front of my TV, just because my XBOX ONE controller (bluetooth) is not recognized unless I use it with the cable (and the distance between the TV and PC makes it impossible).

How is that possible that a Microsoft game does not recognize a Microsoft controller when using Microsoft Windows?

Every other games recognize this controller in bluetooth mode, and MSFS does not. Can anybody explaint that to me? because I can not understand. Waiting months for a fix to solve something that apparently seems to be very easy (if every other game can, why not MSFS?).

Do I have to wait for a solution? or nobody is working on fixing this big mistake?

I connected my Xbox One controller via Bluetooth and experienced the same issue. Then I went to Steam settings, disabled the option to use SteamInput for Xbox controllers, and uninstalled the extended Xbox controller driver. After rebooting my computer, it works.