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A newbe to the world of flight sims and when I heard that this could be coming to console I was very excited, are you able to give more information as to when this is likely to happen, also if and when this happens will we be able to use plugin flight controls etc, and more to the point will I need to get the xbox series x



I’m sure, besides the XBox Controller only specific Flightsticks/HOTAS (like the T.Flight Hotas One) will be working with the XBox One/XBox Series X version. Current Flight Yokes/Quadrant/Rudder Peddals won’t work because of the missing dirver/hardware support of the XBox.

I expect, Mouse and Keyboard will be also working since the XBox is already supporting this for other games.

Thus far there has not been an official release date set for the Xbox version. Most people assume it will come early next year after the release of their next console. The PC game is their priority though, so the Xbox version is taking a backseat for now. I had heard somewhere that it would still be available for the current generation of Xbox consoles, but I’m sure it would run better on the new one.

Hello, i have a question.
Well, it’s been some time since the launch of MFS 2020, and I’m wondering when it is coming to Xbox One platform. I really want to play this game, and i have no money to afford a pc that can handle it. Any tips or leaks?? :pensive:

When it’s done.

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Next year no one hinted on when.Def 2021.Don’t loose hope.

There is no information about the XBox version anymore. Last year they talk so much about, and now nothing.

Will MSFS Release on Xbox one, one S or X

Still under discussion for Xbox One.[see below)…being released on S & X…

Microsoft Flight Simulator developer hasn’t ruled out an Xbox One port yet | Windows Central

I almost hope not – look at how Cyberpunk 2077 ran on the One; even the One X has major problems. Same on PS4 and PS4 Pro; Sony even removed it from sale within a few days.

MSFS is more CPU demanding than CP2077 and would probably run even worse. Hell, even a high-end gaming PC can have issues staying above 30 fps in the heaviest scenarios.

A few comparisons. The Xbox One has a CPU that seems similar to AMDs FX-8120 except the Xbox is far lower clock speed. Keep that in mind here…

FX-8120 Cinebench R15 single core: 89
FX-8120 Geekbench 5 single core: 479

And for a modern PC CPU:
Ryzen 5800X Cinebench R15 single core: 270 (3 times faster!)
Ryzen 5800X Geekbench 5 single core: 1632 (3.4 times faster!)

And the Xbox One is even slower, at best something like 60% of that performance (at 1.75 GHz vs the FX-8120’s 3.1 GHz base / 4 GHz all-core turbo). That makes a modern PC around 5.7 times faster in single-threaded performance which MSFS loves.
If we estimate based on the 4 GHz all-core turbo instead the Ryzen 5800X ends up at 7.8 times faster. Pretty insane.

(Edit 1.5 min after posting: fixed the numbers.)

yes, but not a lot of people can buy the XSX Or S Because there so expensive and has got relatively new Xbox 1 S or X , anyway Cyberpunk 2077 struggled because
the engine couldnt take it

2077 struggled because the consoles were too weak, and MSFS will do the same unless a miracle occurs in optimization.
If the Xbox One CPU can do a stable 30 fps, my 5800X-based computer will be able to do a stable 165 fps at low resolution, and that just ain’t going to happen. Not even kinda close.

The One X CPU is only about 30% faster than the plain One, so in a situation where a 5800X would be CPU-limited to 45 fps, the One will be at roughly 9 fps, and the One X at 11.5 fps.
This is of course very simplified and I’ve no doubt they can push out a bit more performance than this, but I would certainly not expect it to run remotely well.

Honestly, XBox consoles can take the MFS Software and because you have a snazzy PC doesn’t mean you can look down at consoles thinking that you better because youre better than everyone else and to be honest Cyberpunk 2077 is a failure anyway

It’s got nothing to do with ‘looking down on’. It’s a simple matter of the computational power in the box.

Series X has it, Series S should have it for 1440p. Doubt the One S/X have enough power.
If it has the power, they will release it for it, I’m just very doubtful, regardless of how much you might want it.

There is something you guys don’t know about X1S or X, Most PC Player don’t know this, its called optimisation and a lot of games have done it sucessfully unlike Cyberpunk 2077 look at TSW the original Train Sim World was only on PC for a while and a DLC Came out and optimised it to work on console and it is Highly detailed, so if you have nothing but complaints, keep them to yourself

Sure, you know better than the developers of the sim. Maybe you should apply for a job, so you can tell them how easy it is to release the sim on the XBox One.

If it’s possible, they will release for the XBox One, since it would be (financially) dumb of them not to. They would leave a large market segment on the table. We have to stay realistic though.
If they decide the XBox One can’t run it, then you just have to accept you’re out of luck.
It’s not up to either you or me.

ok, youre right its just not feesable on XBox

I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that you’ll have to wait for the developers to find out and decide if it is or isn’t.

And right now, it’s not been confirmed either way.