Xbox pad settings

I tried this rudder out and it’s not too bad with general flying yet the landing is kinda weird. I can’t really flare as much as I’d like. There’s definitely a sweet spot here developing.

I have a pair of high rise Game Freeks that I may attempt at using again with this. In theory you can get away with higher sensitivity adjustments from just as much movement as before. There’s really no right or wrong setup, it’s down to what works for the individual huh.

Do you have the xbox sensitivity assist enabled as well out of interest. Im wondering if that needs to be disabled if I make changes to the sensitivity settings?

I have default settings with the sensitivity assist and auto rudder enabled and that helps significantly. I have feeling some of the accessibility settings are not functioning across all aircraft as they should - AI Trim for example is a bit hit and miss I find. Hopefully this will get sorted.


yes same here. flying is better than my usual setting but while landing feels like I’m missing a lot of flare capabilities

it may be I need to get used or better settle the final approach phase

I reckon bumping it up a bit for me personally may help, it feels good but you easily notice you don’t have as much response from the rudder.

@RomoRocket yeah always keep that assist on. You can create multiple controller profiles which you can duplicate if that helps. Look around hard enough and you’ll see soon enough that you can do stuff like that. There’s really no need to panic if you’re afraid you’ll lose your settings.

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Thanks, I will try the above Settings in image I think at the weekend, please let me know if you get the flair issue improved.
I fly the a320 quite a lot, although lately light aircraft for a bit of scenic exploration.

Ah, my recommended extremity dead zone settings (see image above) have given me trouble when flying the default A320. The A320’s FM is very docile, which requires “big inputs” and being limited to 50% travel on left thumb stick doesn’t help. The FBW A320 is different and I’m not talking about that one.

Again, I usually fly GA, so the default A320 doesn’t get much time out of my hangar anyway, and as RandyFlagg9653 brilliantly noted:

Totally agree!

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Yeah, it requires a lot of test though I have to thank you for the explanation on the extremity dead zone, I had no clue

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I’ll post my settings tonight, it works quite well.


The way your setup would come in handy would be in the cases of familiarizing yourself with a new plane which has a very twitchy rudder force. Perhaps like a stunt plane or some other extreme aerobatic response type craft. Over time you eventually feed more rudder movement as you get used to it.

@DROGUSA how are those settings mate?


So do you find your settings fine for a320 and GA aircraft?

Just to confirm you use -80 sensitivity, is that on LS X and LS Y.

Do you leave LT and RS X at default.

Here are my settings


These good for for GA aircraft as well as airliners like a320?

Thanks for sharing.

Yes I fly both

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I will give these a go then, thanks again.

Good point WRT my rudder sensitivity settings, but for me, someone who tends to rest their fingers on the triggers (rudder) this helps me negate any unwanted inputs. So yea, as you stated earlier … in essence… to each their own :smile:

Also, don’t let my rudder settings detract from the main point of my earlier post about extremity dead zone settings. I recommend folks try adding a positive extremity dead zone sensitivity setting on the left thumb-stick because it gave me more precise elevator control with the gamepad/controller.

Just my 2 cents.

I made an error when I posted my settings, I used a wrong controller profile. I have replaced the pics with the correct settings.

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Go for the thrustmaster tca pack it’s more expensive but I got one on launch day for my Xbox series x it has made the experience 100% all that much to reality and if you can get a second throttle quadrant makes flying the 747 so real mate

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That looks great, I’m a sofa flyer though, lol. So only place for something like this is on the floor, which for me I’m unsure how well that would work.

Brand new here, won’t let me post a question yet. I am playing on xbox, how do you see inside the airport terminals? I’ve seen you can do it, used the drone camera and it just goes thru the building. Supposed to be able to see inside DCA but can’t. Any help would be great