Xbox Patch Question


Does anyone know if a new patch is due for the Xbox, this week?

I really miss the game but the CTD’s had become intolerable.


R u on the beta testing on insider app?

The patch is available as a normal update so no beta participation needed (there is still one available but I keep my fingers of them for a while after the latest miseries). Just restart your xbox may be and watch vor the “update available” marking on the fs2020 icon.

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The Live update addresses actually loading into the game. That’s fine.

My big issue is PLAYING the game. CTD’s are consistent (not to mention numerous other issues).

As for the testing: no.

I shall keep an eye out for announcements.


This is nothing to do with install, @Beech23

It is PLAYING the game.


I popped in this thread earlier and mentioned I was at work and would put the game on when I returned, just to test it.

Launched a flight from Gatwick to Brussels, ILS, A320. Went out to get a drink while it loaded.

As I was sitting down - the game was showing various camera angles before you click Fly - the game crashed.

Turned off my Xbox.

Enough said. I won’t go on a rant, although sorely tempted due to not being able to play.

Take care.

Well the Top Gun update was scheduled for this week but I don’t know if it’s just a content update or if it will also patch the code in any way.

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