Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

What airports and regions were you flying though? LSZH, KMIA and LFPG are almost 100% guaranteed blackscreen. Whereas some regions 2hrs flights are no problem.

I’ve felt there wasn’t enough RAM or something but S is only pushing out 1080p so it isn’t working too hard.

Basically the entire east coast of the US! I know Florida and Georgia have been bugged for me for months but everywhere else was ok up until today! I’ve never had a lot of black screen but now I can’t even get past pushback

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Well would you look at that, I’m having the exact same problems as you all have been talking about in the past little while. The long anticipated update that we thought would fix everything seems to be the same as before. Just loaded into the A320 and within a few seconds, black screens followed by an almost immediate CTD.

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Just flew LOWI to EGGW (payware airport) live traffic on, photogrammetry and live weather. Bredokd pack 3 on the A320. I spawn at Runway though.

No issues, no stuttering. No black screens.
This wasn’t possible before.

That’s on the Xbox S…

Hopefully this will be a sustained improvement of the issue with SU10 and the other improvements they’ll make in later updates.

I do see others are still suffering the issue. I haven’t flown much in the US maybe there’s more data being processed causing issue.

Btw hate that VFR map only pans to 200NM,. Love live traffic in there though.

Got black screens on pushback that sorted themselves out at EGGD (add on airport) and then permanent unrecoverable black screens at EGKK(add on airport)

But those airports were causing immediate CTD before the update, now they are “a bit” useable.

Progress I suppose?!

Xbox Series X

Spoke to soon…now had black screens on smaller GA airplanes too. And one on the A320 from cold and dark. On routes that worked earlier this morning.

So it’s as random as ever for me on the S.
I really don’t get why the same setup of flight causes no issue on one flight and the very same route causes black screens or CTD later on.

However on the Xbox X feels really great no stuttering, no CTD so far and screens all working.


Flying a320 from Sharjah and about 5 mins after takeoff all screens went black. I so hoped SU10 would fix these issues on Xbox, clearly I was wrong :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I quit playing microsoft flight simulator because of ctds and cockpit screen going out

My sympathies Brice.
I had a rant in the thank developers post.

Some folks act like this is a freeware project and the developers are volunteers. They’re no doubt enthusiasts but also well paid.

They should be respected and spoken to with polite comments I agree. However complaining when things don’t work are a consumers right. And that should be supported by the team.

And if we wish to uninstall we should be entitled to refunds for the money spent on the marketplace and the Sim itself if through no fault of ours it isn’t fit for purpose.

Frankly the issue has gone on so long it’s clear in my opinion that they have no clear idea of the causes. Which doesn’t surprise me as again in my opinion largely they are all PC users so don’t have any appreciation of what the issue even is.

I guess it works on Xbox S and X. That’s an achievement worth applauding. Sadly glass screen airplanes don’t work for the majority of users.

I’m quitting trying even. It’s gone from working fine to broke and I am tired of it on Hex Box.

Back to PC only for me.


Okay hopefully they can fix this issue

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I’m thinking about getting series x to get better results with black avionics. What do you think guys?

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You are trying to achieve what? :thinking:

Do you people think if for example the PMDG 737 will ever run on the xbox? With the current memory leaks even on simple aircraft, i cant understand how the 737 will run on xbox as it is such a complex aircraft…

Binghchilling I think there is zero chance the PMDG 737 will run on the Xbox S in its present build state …
Maybe not even the X.

There is something very wrong, some kind of deep issue between the games coding and the resident coding on the Xbox that’s causing this.

Makes no sense to me to call it a memory leak. Since dials etc are also all rendered they’re not real steam guages…yet it’s only the screens and digital displays that fail.

If it was truly a memory leak issue then why don’t the traditional gagues also fail to show data at some point before the CTD.

Then again I believe “memory leak” is used as a catch-all for bugs.


It’s don’t think it’s really a deep issue in the coding as such. Mostly it’s not even a memory leak, although there might be some memory leak bugs, the ones where it gets gradually worse over time are likely candidates.

For the most part on xbox it’s a memory management issue where the sim over allocates compared to what is available. This of course is more likely when you have larger assets to stimulate and render, such as complex aircraft and airports and the sim tries to load them in. I suspect there are multiple factors behind fixing this and it’s unlikely to be simple or it would already be done.

One problem Asobo have touched on is that the xbox OS is falsely reporting available memory and so the sim tries to allocate what is not there and then it crashes or gets killed. If this requires the platform team to make OS fixes then who knows how long it will take.


I remember this being mentioned by the team a couple months back. But it is very hard to believe since to my knowledge no other xbox software ever crashes. Its always, and ONLY, Flightsim that CTD. If the Xbox Series S/X was reporting false memory to the softwares, other games are bound to crash too, and the Xbox would be known for having memory issues. But it isnt known for that. Only MSFS is known for crashing.

Not quite so simple - I can CTD GTA5 by standing at a busy junction and destroying every vehicle that passes - they pile up to a point and if you do not shift you POV it will eventually CTD, when you shift your POV the pile of vehicles mysteriously decrease so you do not crash then,

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Since i teste su10 beta i had almost never encountered, this .
Now were the beta is finished all glas cockpit turn black straight away ore after a while then ctd on xbox sieries x. I did not have that problem during beta testing

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I think most games are much more closed in terms of the assets they are loading, this probably means they are more consistent in their memory usage and less prone to over allocating based on the OS API. I’m sure they are also easier to test for reliable consistent behaviour as well.

This of course is all speculation but at least based on observations and hints from Asobo.