Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

Although i believe this issue is solved for 99%,i still do encounter this issue from time to time. It is important to know that it happens with a 3rd party aircraft only(as far as I can tell), namely the LVFR A321. So it could be just an issue with this particular aircraft.

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System: Xbox Series X
3rd party Scenery?: Yes, at ESKN airport
3rd party Aircraft?: No, Stock TBM 930

Black avonics screens after a couple of minutes after startup, on the ground.
Restarted the flight which resulted in CTD.
This was the very first experience with the new build. No flight time yet.

Has the ESKN Airport a bigger filesize than 800… 900 MB? If that is the case then that’s the reason for CTDs in my experience.

I have this issue since the last update yesterday, but only when I use the TCA Thrustmaster, after a certain time the autopilot is disengaged and black screen on avionics. When using the controller it works properly

Second attempt today, the exact same flight plan, but this time without problems. Very nice experience this time around.

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This happened to me last night (2/3/2023) on an A320neo flight from ORD to BOS on Xbox X. As I approached PVD on this high-altitude IFR flight, all avionics went dark and the aircraft became difficult to control. I abandoned the flight before a likely crash.

PeterQuirk were you flying to or from any add-on airports? Some have said add-on airports causing some of the issue’s.

I’m using stock standard MSFS 2020 on the Xbox with a Game Pass subscription. I have no add-ons at all. I have the Honeycomb Alpha XPC and Bravo Throttle quadrant, Thrustmaster HOTAS and rudder pedals, plus a wireless mouse and keyboard.

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Oh sorry to hear that - hopefully these occurrences are few and far between.

In the dark days these were occuring very frequently for many users. I’ve not had many on either S or X but I’m now exclusively flying on the X now.

Not had any for at least a dozen flights.