Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

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Xbox players did that update help with this topic because there was no release notes on the Xbox update?

This update solved the terrain in Madrid that used to have CTD on the approach and now it doesn’t. the black screen is still there but i got used to landing like this when this happens

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Ok thanks hope they will finger it out with cockpit screens

Blank screens an CTDs have reared its ugly head again. 6hrs into the update it appears after going months without any.


I play (if it works) on the X-Box Series X. It’s driving me crazy. Errors with addon airports are getting worse from update to update. The mouse when creating a flight plan is playing more and more crazy. I really have no idea what they’re doing there. If Windows and Office were as poorly programmed as this game on the X-Box, Microsoft would have had no chance of surviving.


Series S, was such a wonderful flight and then such a sickening and demoralising black screen and CTD at 300ft above runway from landing.

Watch from time 1:16:20

Seems the mystery 7Gb upgrade has totally destabilised the sim once again. Would have flown again this weekend but haven’t bothered since.

So demoralising to even bother when you have a high risk of non-closure for your trips.


Thats nothing compared to the flight i had it happening in. Had just touchdown on the runway and bang a CTD after a 7hrs and 36 min flight. Funny thing is it logged the hours in logbook where in the past that has been lost.

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What route was that, transatlantic?

Seems to be the high quality airports and photogrammetry areas that tilt the balance.

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The route was trans atlantic. It was from EGPF( 3 party addon) to TNCM. Have never had an issue with EGPF as being an add on. I wldnt class either as having loads of scenery about.

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Playing on series x took of from Heathrow lovely flight no problems as soon as I landed in Athens frame rate drops then CTD hame is so infuriating at times


Going in reverse, Heathrow arrivals for me haven’t CTD’d but many times ATC stop talking.

There has been much talk of a memory leak, but I’m curious about the Series S having a cooling fan that seems very slow always. Could probably grill toast over the air vent if flying a “beautiful view arrival” into a major airport with the A320Neo, especially during the daytime when the GPU is working hard😒
Miami rwy12 ILS from the North has been abysmal.

Could these CTDs be overheat protection?

Unlikely mate, the Series S in reality doesn’t get hot enough. The cooling system is excellent. The memory leak theory is most likely, IMO.


Well looks like this isn’t going away anytime soon. On the S versus X thing. Most of the X extra grunt is for 4K output. So it isn’t a case of the S being too weak. That’s a simplistic statement.

Avionics going black It’s a bug plain an simple. Memory leak is a catch-all term it’s very unspecific akin to they don’t know the cause.

It’s a case of resources at Asobo having to prioritize what to fix or work on. This must be a small part of the community being impacted.

Hence they’re ignoring us.
Even when asking at Q&A’s.

It’ll get fixed eventually :pensive:


I feel you I don’t understand why they don’t have any ideas for Xbox bugs

Thanks for sharing this video. The ending of the video sums it up perfectly. Every time I’ve had a black screen CTD it almost always happens 300ft above the runway on final approach. It’s just so frustrating that this keeps happening on Xbox with no solution in sight. It’s not motivating at all to spend hours creating a flight plan and flying a multi-hour airline trip to only have it CTD on you during the best phase of the flight.

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True. Considering the capabilities of these consoles I don’t think running 1080p is asking too much of the hardware.

I thought the memory leak was fixed though? :thinking:
Everything was working well until the mystery update.


I really could not understand it anymore :man_shrugging: During SU8 Beta I made several flight approx. 2-3h and had not really big issues. After official release of SU8 I had sometime the known Black Screen bug ( almost when there is a handcrafted ap involved).

Since the last update Black Screens ( on Final) at almost every flight which are longer than 2h (like we had with SU5) , 70% - 80% followed by CTD even on Standard AP.

I think it is time MSFS Team (who ever) stops ignoring us and give us some info what we can expect and when.

Fore now I am done with the sim - it makes simply no fun anymore. I am stuck at 450h in log because most of the flights simply not logged anymore - yesterday I spend more than 6h with the sim even no ONE :point_up: successfull Flight.

If we can trust what they say every Q&A session „we read all and listen to all“ I really hope they will came up with some information about this in the next Q&A. Maybe the Community Manager could keep this in mind an raise this Topic during the next session :man_shrugging:

In the meantime I wish you all the best and happy flying - ähhhm crashing :wink::wink::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::joy:

I don’t think it’s SU8. It’s that update that came after it. Check you sim version it’ll say 1.23.13 but in the sim it still says 1.23.12 we’ve yet to get any explanation as to why.

I gave it up. I just get angry. I no longer fly in europe, rather in Asia, I have no problems there, probably because of the textures.