Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

I have been testing a bit and i found something with live weather. A lot of you have been turning off live weather. That works great with better performance however you don’t have to turn it off. The trick is to not use live TIME. If you put in a time 1h - 2h back somehow you still have great performance and no black screens. I’ve done about 30 flights (1 or 2 hours) in Europe (default and payware) and only one CTD. That was at the payware gatwick scenery which has very low performance. So just to be safe i turn live weather of at such airports, and it works.


Hi all!
First of all please excuse my english, it’s not my main language.
There are over 1800 comments right now and even if I read many of them, I haven’t read them all, so maybe someone already wrote this.
I just registered to this forum to reply to this post specifically, because maybe I found a momentary SOLUTION for the black avionics, until a patch hopefully comes in (however it’s only for that problem and not for CTD).
I need to start specifying a few things:
I play on xbox series X;
I never had issues with vanilla aircrafts, but I only fly small ones, so I don’t know if it would happen to me if I’d fly liners;
Black avionics happened to me only on the Daher Kokiad 100 from the marketplace.

So, the solution.
I started a new flight (with real time and weather) and I had black avionics (G1000 nxi). The first thing I noticed was I could see them normally during the active pause, but they went back to black after deactivating it. So I tried a few things and I discovered that when I changed the time of day, from night to morning they were working again! But changing the time of day to real again (from morning to night) made them black.
I discovered the problem for me (you guys need to test this) was the brightness setting of PFD and MFD: if it bugs out all avionics turn black under a certain bright level that should normally work fine, for me it was 59% - below that level, even 58% made them black, above was just fine.
So the solution for me when I had black avionics was to change time of day untill I saw them working normally (because with day light, the auto setting chose a level above 59%), then change the brightness setting from auto to manual and go back to real time of the day. It worked twice already.
I could keep the manual setting, but most of the times it works with not bug and I like auto setting, I can always solve it on the go if it happens.
Has anyone already tested this?
Please note that sometimes I have a black texture on the MFD map, but it’s a different bug I think. In that case I can see everything on the MFD but the terrain. I have no solution for that.

If this is a real solution it may have a few exceptions: how many avionics types have switchable setting for auto or manual brightness level? If an aircraft only has auto setting, you can’t manually fix it. Maybe you can only try to make the day brighter. And this introduce a second limit to this method: if you play live you can’t change time of the day.


I’ve noticed that too. As a workaround, most uninstall the NXi.


Hi mate are you using live weather if you are dont use the other weather types and see if that’s better that is what solved it last time this happened hope this helps

Are you suggesting changing the weather stops the avionics from blanking?

I having the same issues, plenty of CTD, blank screens & Xbox restarts

Chicago to Warsaw didn’t make it CTD 3 hours into the flight

But now this topic says complete do you think they have finger it out?

At next q a we get information according to twitch yesterday


Thank you for posting this. Wonder did anyone confirm this with you?

I’ll try next time it occurs.

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Finally some acknowledgment. They started to ignore it before. Lol

Black screens again after 3 hours of flying, then CTD.
Yesterday after the update it was okay.
Xbox series x.

No, nobody else confirmed yet. I can tell you in the case I descripted (Kodiak 100 with G1000 nxi) I don’t have black avionics anymore using the method I wrote about (pfd and mfd brightness set to manual 59% minimum)

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Tried it on a320n and 737 no effect

Oh well was worth a punt. I’ve not experienced black screens on shorter flights sub 2 hours.

Seems intermittent for me at least.

What I find odd. Is that regular dials still work. Surely they are just visual representation as are the Avionics.screens. It isn’t like they’re really manual dials and not digital.

I’d have imagined the bug would have impacted those too…

Hopefully Devs know what they’re doing.

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Black avionics appears randomly. Had after 2 hours or right at the start. It also depends on the day of the week, in my opinion starting on Friday is common

Ctd during landing after 6 hours of flying…unbelievable.


Today I noticed that the black screens problem have a something to do with camera view.
After 1,5h flight EFHK-EKCH (787-10) screens was working fine. After landing I switched to external view and back to cockpit view and screens goes black.

I tried second flight , landing, taxi to the gate and then I switched camera view external and back, same issue, black screens.

Can someone fix this?

I’m using XBOX Series S

How to we help them with Xbox cockpit screen going out in then CTD long flights

Hello everyone!

If you are an Xbox player and you experienced the issue after SU8, we need your help!
To help us getting the root cause of this problem, we would like to have your Global Device ID

How to get the Global Device ID:

  • Profile & system > Settings > System > Console Info > Global Device ID
  • Activate OS telemetry and data sharing option so that we have access to the crash dump.

:warning: Send me the Global Device ID via private message, I will gather all information for the team. :warning:

Thank you for your help!