Xbox Pilots: Which WASM Aircraft are You Most Looking Forward to Seeing on Xbox?

Their Dc-6 will release almost immediately after SU12 im sure… their forum is a waste of time in my eyes full of PC users who slate us xbox users. It was just robert posted about the way they hope to get all the 737 liveries on xbox


Hello just to check is pmdg confirmed that it will be coming to xbox after su 12. If so do you know when?

From what I’ve read here and at PMDG’s forum, here is no specified date/time for their Xbox releases.

This is typical, however, they don’t offer dates/times until they are ready to deliver on them.

I really respect that about them.


Hi I have just read the forums and pmdg and it appears they are working on getting b737 on xbox as soon as possible and are going to test probably within days or weeks. The only way they can test it by making it public and seeing how it goes, its only up from there! I respect that they will make sure it is upto there standard. Wasm is happening! We will see pmdg after su12!

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probably devs are waiting to see how wasm takes to console and how SU 12 goes.


It seems that quite a few of us on the beta are finding reduced stability with the last couple of beta releases for SU12. Personally I’ve not had a successful A310 flight recently, and as a large complex plane that is known to use WASM this leaves me with concern for the viability of some of the other complex WASM planes.

With the stability improvements we saw in SU11 and AAU1 I’d been quite optimistic for success with WASM, let’s hope that we get some improvements here.


What about the flyby wire is it the same as the fenix ? It uses an app too ?

Neither of those are going to be coming to Xbox.


I’d like to see the Got Friends 40th Anniversary Enhancement Mod come to Xbox. Skis on my DHC-2 and floats on my DC-3 would be awesome!

I am looking forward to the mv-22b osprey

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DC6 and finally the Pipers from Justsim

Is the 737 or CRJ working for anyone who got the gamepass version of MSFS? It still shows as only for PC on my xbox.

That is because they are not available on the Marketplace for Xbox, yet.


Eagerly awaiting the dc-6 that i bought in 2021 and they wouldn’t give me a refund on.

After that probably the 737 if i can afford it, the osprey. It’s been so long i can’t remember what i was waiting for.

Some of the stuff i was waiting for i have gone off for various reasons after learning more on YouTube, forums and other places: twin otter, constellation, electra…

Got it, thank you

When do you think these will be released?


Unfortunately, no idea.

Honestly, I’ve been really quite stunned that there has been absolutely zero recent discussion of Xbox versions on the various WASM-based aircraft threads here on the forum.

The only place I’ve seen any developer talking about their aircraft coming to Xbox is on the Osprey thread. That is expected on Thursday.

PMDG has been very hush about it on their website, too.

We just have to see when we see, I guess.


I will probably start in the following order: AN-225 (done), PC-6, 146, 737

I was hoping that PMDG getting their 737 on the marketplace a month ago was their preparation to be ready to just flip the switch for the Xbox when SU12 went live. But guess not.

We will see what happens on Thursday.

Of course, the usual Marketplace logjam may delay any forward movement that PMDG and others have attempted to make. I’m not sure the new Marketplace rules for “Self-Moderating/QA” have been implemented. I’m not sure where I read that, but I thought I read it was still yet to come.

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The new way of entering Addons on the market will only come into effect from Friday, no?