Xbox premium deluxe showing up as standard

I purchased the premium deluxe upgrade from the MS store when logged in with my account, and the Xbox shows I own the product, but it only shows I own the standard, and not the premium deluxe. Is this normal?

I’m in the same boat, er, plane as you.

In the Xbox store, the PD version shows up as ‘owned’.

However, the thumbnail under "Games’ is the standard version and the thumbnail also looks that way under ‘manage’.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, I suspect it will all be fine once accounts are reconciled on launch day.

And even if it wasn’t, we have hard proof of PD ownership that will quickly get fixed once the issue becomes known, or via a MS support ticket.

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On PC, many folks found they were missing Premium or Deluxe content usually found everything in Content Manager. That could be the case here next Tuesday.

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Thanks all, I shall wait till Tuesday to cry foul. I am sure the are all running around like headless chickens getting ready for the launch :slightly_smiling_face:

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All Deluxe and Premium Content will be availabe in the FS Store. Nothing to worry about.

I have the DVD version premium deluxe on PC. How do i get that on the xbox? I read about the MS store version and the steam version (which doesn’t work), but i don’t see anything about the dvd version…I can see this in MS store btw, but i cannot see my pc msstore on the xbox

From what I understand, once the store knows you own it, it should be available to download to XBOX. I think there is some way of adding the purchase to your account.

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What we’re seeing is just a preloaded version of the standard game. Once the release goes live tomorrow you’ll be able to download whatever PC version you own.


Thank you for the information

I had the same problem but the updates are available. My problem now? Not enough SSD space on xbox for Premium and Premium Deluxe upgrade. Can I install them on external SSD drive?

No you can’t. Just move other games do an exterenal SSD or HDD to make room. Also you can buy the external SSD expansion from MS to insert into the XB SSD slot at the back of the console. Everything on this exterenal SSD will be usable as of the internal one.

All games which don’t need to be placed on the internal SSD, can be moved on an external SSD/HDD and can be used from there, but the other Series X/S games, which need an SSD to run, must be in the internal SSD or in the expansion SSD.

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