Xbox Profile Services Outage 2130Z 25/FEB/2021

This morning I started getting a dialog box around the time where it checks for updates, when you run the sim, that stated it couldn’t sync my data with the cloud. Now I’m receiving the below message. Is the on-line service down? Anyone else having issues?


Folks there is a known outage on XBox Services right now.

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yeah servers down they are working to fix it as we speak!

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Yes… first time I’ve ever experienced this problem. Perhaps I’m lucky…

I’m having now, is coming and going in intervals.

yep just tried and same issue we are unable to sign you in

I’d just plugged a new headset in and was trying to test it - couldn’t see how it could cause any problems like this.
Then found the link to the X-box status page and realised (thank goodness) this time it wasn’t me! Just have to wait it out is all - I’ve requested text notification when it’s back up.

They’re not having much luck this last few days are they?

It’s not just Xbox. On my pc I get…
“We Can’t sync your data with the cloud right now.”

It’s the first time this has shut down my flight simulation but I have experienced XBox Live issues like this before that have shut down gaming on XBox…sucks when it happens. Usually a quick turnaround but rarely it can last half a day! This is gonna be a new problem for flight simmers unfortunately but all too familiar for gamers.

First I got the “We Can’t sync your data with the cloud right now." message. After hitting the ‘Try again’ button a couple of times, I decided to try the ‘Play offline’ button. After a while I was presented with a menu where I was asked to do some initial setup such as choosing fonts for menus etc. When I saw that, I decided to quit MSFS and try relaunching it. Then I got the Xbox live issue.

Guess it’s a sign I shouldn’t be flying anymore tonight but go and get some sleep instead :wink:

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As an Event Organiser, I feel for anyone running events at the moment. Fortunately, mine doesn’t start for several hours. Hopefully it will be resolved by then.


It’s a mess.
I managed to get into game and the only menu field that displayed correctly (or at all) was the profile/flight log area.

Set up a flight and…had to quit. Unflyable.

How much of the MSFS2020 experience relies on servers run by hamster power?

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22:00 Z its back up and working now but it takes you through a lot of settings before it actually starts

This is the third outage in the last few weeks.

The sim needs an offline fallback mode.


This is a shame. Every month there is a new bad surprise.


It’s actually still down as of 1703H ET, Gaming Cloud, Multiplayer, Store and Account.

Nope back up 6 pm Atlantic ttime east coast of Canada

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This seems to be a good place to get the latest status

What I’m worried about is if my attempts starting MSFS during this issue with Xbox Live means I’ll have to redo all my setup in MSFS for controllers, graphics etc.

I hope not since that would be a bit of a pain.


All my settings were changed had to re do them


It’s still showing down as of 30 seconds ago (1709H ET). I hit CTRL-F5 to force reload the cache.

I would seriously wait to see the status change on the boards, before trying to log in again.