[Xbox] Real-World liveries for existing default aircraft


Re-posting this with permission due to accidental removal per @N316TS

I know it’s never really been needed before with so many community livery creations on PC, but with Xbox limited to marketplace content only, it would be great to see some real world airline liveries for the default airliners like the 320, 747, 787, etc. Not just on planes from the marketplace, but for those included as well. Released by Asobo.

If anyone has news of this, please share, and if you’d like to see this developed as well please be sure to vote.

For those of us who love flying airliners, this is like the difference between Forza having branded cars vs not :slight_smile:


They need to go through their process of getting the licenses from the aircraft manufacturer and airlines. It’s a lengthy process, and while we all hope this can be done. It’s very unlikely, since it is a very expensive and long process for them to do.

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I agree.
Generally I think having a way to publish freeware mods/addons to the Marketplace so they can be used by XBox would be the much broader (and easier?) approach to get liveries on the XBox.

It’s not only the default aircraft, but you might also want to have additional liveries for your 3rd party aircraft as well - which you can’t if there is no way for freeware creators to get their content into the sim via Marketplace (or similar mechanisms).

MS did it with FBW and WT addons/mods, but this needs a much broader approach.

Oh and on the plus side, PC users would also benefit since keeping your freeware up to date by a built-in system would be much neater than the current approach.

There must be a dozen topics with this same request by now.

The answer is the same for them all.
Opening up the Xbox for freeware mods might be avenue for this but as real world liveries are corporate branding and subject to international copywrite law neither Microsoft nor Asobo can just appropriate them for their own commercial gain.

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If PC users would benefit i doubt that, FBW is no longer availible for PC users WT’ s mod is the G1000nxi the rest of there mods are also not avalible on the marketplace.
I a PC user would not like to get my updates trough te marketplace, why take a look around the forum for that anwser. I look at Flightsim.to for the freeware adonn’s, most of these are simmers like us and not software developers most of them do this for fun. Don’t think they have a chance of getting on to the marketplace. Don’t misunderstand me it’s a shame you have to mis out on the freeware stuff and i hope that for the Xbox the freeware wil be available in the future.

Pretty sure it’ll come back so that XBox users will be able to install it. It has been taken offline due to the bugs with SU5 and there is no “stable” release yet which they’d put on the Marketplace.

And this is the part that I’d like to question.
It’s just the way it currently is but it’s not like it is impossible to accomplish. All the infrastructure is there and they’ve shown with FBW and WT that it’s technically possible.

Yes, there is a “stable” FBW release i’m using it it’s 0.6.3

Obviously, which is why they should license them from the airlines like they have done with KLM for example on the 787.

Yes, I’m sure they have already approached plenty of airlines.
The absence of their liveries would seem to indicate that they have said no to their branding being used would it not?

Or they make a counter proposal saying they want 10% cut from every MSFS sales for having their liveries included… If they actually did that, I’m pretty sure Microsoft themselves would be the one saying No.

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Or that they see Microsoft and want more money. I can’t imagine them just turning down the free marketing.

There is every chance they have considered all of those options and still decided against.

Very true, but when other airline marketing departments see twitch influencers always flying KLM or British Airways planes… who knows.

I’m any case the latest update said they were in discussions with airlines, so time will tell. :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, but there’s still risks involved because they need to sign an agreement if they decided to support them officially. Things like they can’t do while livestreaming with their liveries. Like, showing how to crash a plane into buildings while using their liveries. Stuff like that are always a risk and the more influential a twitch streamer is, the more impact they have when they use their liveries.

If they can use them for positive activities = massive boost, if they use them for horrible activities = massive infamy. So they need to weigh the benefits vs risks involved. And all the legalities that needs to support it.

Came here to create similar topic. Adding a livery category to the in-game store might be a feasible solution. Alternatively, adding more liveries to existing and upcoming aircraft is also a solution.

I feel liviries for real time traffic based on their call signs is more feasible, as airlines won’t have to worry about videos of their planes being intentionally crashed, etc.

Either way I want real liviries in this sim bad!

Heres hoping they add it

I have been flying MS Flight Simulator since it’s beginning and I have to disagree about airline liveries having to be approved.
Whether or not it is on the pc version or Xbox it is still Microsoft.
In the last 20 years I have had every livery in the world whether commercial, military, or private and flight plan add-ons covering those liveries.
Xbox is simply a fairly new platform for MSFS and not a big priority yet.

Xbox has plenty of liveries now on the marketplace and is definitely a priority of Microsoft and many add-on makers. The question now is regarding the AI traffic liveries, which are still default for the most part outside of a few ones that are taken from what livery packs you’ve downloaded.

Those would most definitely need to be approved and licensed if they were done by Asobo/Microsoft. But the hope is Simple Traffic or something similar can eventually work in the sim like it does on PC so that it can be taken care of by add-on.

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Thanks for your feedback :ok_hand:
I have a question and hope you can help. I just ordered a Xbox from Amazon and also ordered MSFS Deluxe version but it is a digital download.
Do you know how to get it onto the Xbox?