Xbox release November 10th means DX12 is coming?

Hi there,

the xbox is being released this month the 10th.
i’m guessing directx 12 will be implemented by then going by the answers you gave us @ the Q&A ?

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Hi there,
Your post sounds like you think Asosbo will give you a direct answer here.
I’m guessing DX12 will have been implemented when they announce that is has been implemented.


might be possible as they are on the forums also.
no need to be so toxic tho


There is not one post to be found on this forum that Asosbo has answered directly.
There is IMO opinion no reason to assume that DX12 will be implemented in the sim on the launch date of the Xbox.
I do not see how my post is toxic. Please don’t be so sensitive. My intention was friendly


When they refer to Xbox launch, I believe they mean the launch of msfs on Xbox, and not the actual console release


i’ve seen quite a few posts of staff members actually replying.
if your intention wasn’t meant to come over as i thought it did then my bad.

It seems to be a bit strange lately with people making condescending replies on people their posts here.
especially when it comes to bugs & issues section etc.

My apologies hereby.

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that’s quite possible, totally didn’t think of the fact that they might release the flight sim at a later date than the console release hehe.
assumed it would be at launch since it’s their own product.

Jorg Neuman in the last QA stream confirmed that MSFS is coming to Xbox Series X next year. Now he didn’t say exactly when next year but if were to guess, it would be around August 2021. Expect DX12 around that time on pc.

I don’t believe those are Asobo staff.

I doubt we’ll see dx12 this year, maybe in january.

definitely hope it’s not august 2021 :sweat_smile:

I wonder if the impending launch of VR might be somehow linked with the equally anticipated dx12 implementation?

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they had the titles to proof it tho :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to apologise. Perhaps I should not have made my reply so brief.
However, in view of the patch history I find it difficult to believe that Asobo can, or will want to, predict the exact date when DX12 will be released (bug free :wink:=)


it’s quite a feat if they release a feature or patch being bug free at this point.
every patch has been a distaster hehe.

But trial & error, they will get there eventually.
The reason i’m a bit impatient for DX12 are 2 things really.
The visual fidelity will improve as they have confirmed ray tracing and it being a solution to the grainy glass/clouds etc.

and most importantly performance, as with DX12 we will obviously be able to use more resources of our current-gen setups with the graphical pipeline being better.

feels a bit strange seeing people with 3090’s having the same fps as i do with a 2070 super etc.

I’m assuming that we PC users will also be the beta testers for the DX12 version for the Xbox. I can’t imagine Xbox users being able to give Asosbo the ‘does it work or not?’ feedback like we can and have had to do.

I am showing DX12 in my sis information after the latest Navidia update it now supports DX12

That only means your graphic card supports DX12. Means you can play another game using DX12. Has nothing to do with FS2020 which is still on DX11.

The Xbox release just means they will have one more platform to fix bugs on. So fixes will grind to a halt. Lol.

@Planet96728 To prevent any speculation, watch always MSFS site. The DX12 for MSFS release information, will be announced at Xbox launch.

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